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Welcome to my Sports Blog

Hey everyone, my name is Ashton and this is my sports and fitness blog! We are a brand new blog so it might not look like much not, but soon we will have lots of top quality posts about different sports in England, Europe and the rest of the world. In the future I plan to have some sports news stories, reviews of products I like and of course some informative pieces about all the different kinds of sports there are in this world. If the readers seem interested, then I may also include some story pieces from when I was an athlete and the changes that I made in my life because of that.

I am former amateur golfer who created their own sports blog to keep up with the game after my body couldn’t. I graduated Callington community college in 2006, and competed in some amateur European championships before blowing out my shoulder thanks to a Rugby injury when I was young. Now I try and teach young kids how to properly golf and take care of their bodies so they can continue to do whatever sports they enjoy for as long as possible.