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What to Wear on The Golf Course

Hey everyone, my name is Ashton and welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Spring has finally sprung, and that means it is time to head back onto the golf course for another year of fun in the sun. Of course, spending time out in the sun means the sun will be beating down on you unrelentlessly and for that, you need some comfortable and shading clothes. I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe this season so I went over to the best cheap clothing website I know called and bought the following items for my 2017 golfing wardrobe.

Nike Rabid Glasses

I may not have a sponsorship like my man Tiger Woods, but I still love to rep Nike when I am on the golf course. My favourite piece of Nike paraphernalia as of late would have to be my Nike Rabid Glasses. These are the best sunglasses I have had in years, and to top that off I got them so insanely cheap from that I am going to buy some lenses with the money I saved. They have lots of replacement lense to choose from, with some even helping find your ball. Plus you can buy a pack of lenses for the same price as a pair of glasses, it’s a no brainer to me.

 Nike Rabid Glasses

Adidas Belt

I like to show support for the up and comers as well, which is why just like Dustin Johnson I wear some Adidas on me when I golf. This year I found some really nice looking belts from that were so cheap I bought three! A good belt is great to have if you followed my earlier tip of getting shorts a couple sizes too big, this way they won’t be around your ankles until you make it back to the club house. I also like these specific belts because there is a space to store a pencil inside the clasp so you can make quick score updates.

 Golf Belt

Nike Shirt

As much as I love the Adidas belts, there is no way I would be seen not wearing a Nike shirt out there. I got mine straight from Nike, so I have the newest look that they offer. Sometimes I like to kick it a bit old school and wear an older red shirt to see how many people look twice, but not this year. I got the newest cooling shirts that keep you cool even when it is 35 degrees out. These are the coolest shirts I have ever worn(literally).

 Nike Golf Shirt