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Stephen Ames end PGA drought


Hey everyone welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Waves were made in the golfing world this weekend, after Stephen Ames broken his eight year tournament drought. Ames knew the key to winning in the hot Georgia heat was to maintain his cool, and he managed this even with the hot streak he went on. The 52 year old Canadian managed to close his victory with a 6-under 66 for a four stroke victory over German golfer Bernhard Langer. Ames is no stranger to the podium as he won a respectable amount of titles early in his career, but in recent years has lacked the finishing power he used to have. His last PGA tour title came in 2009, winning the Children’s Miracle Network Classic as the four PGA tour title of his career.

A Career Turnaround?

This win marks the third time a Canadian has won the 50-and-over tour, and also the 11th player that has managed to win on the PGA tour Champions, PGA Tour, and Tour. The second place finisher Langer was sadly unable to continue his tour-record streak of par of better round, ended the streak at 36 on Saturday after he hit a 73. This plus Ames ability to give himself an early lead helped him win, after managing a par-4 on the seventh, making that hole his second straight birdie and fourth on the first nine holes. At one point Langer pulled within two stroked, but Ames managed to continue to keep cool even knowing that his lead was not safe at all. Ames spent the rest of the match holding his breath, waiting for Langer to put himself out of position to win. 

Stephen Ames

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Hey everyone, my name is Ashton and welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Spring has finally sprung, and that means it is time to head back onto the golf course for another year of fun in the sun. Of course, spending time out in the sun means the sun will be beating down on you unrelentlessly and for that, you need some comfortable and shading clothes. I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe this season so I went over to the best cheap clothing website I know called and bought the following items for my 2017 golfing wardrobe.

Nike Rabid Glasses

I may not have a sponsorship like my man Tiger Woods, but I still love to rep Nike when I am on the golf course. My favourite piece of Nike paraphernalia as of late would have to be my Nike Rabid Glasses. These are the best sunglasses I have had in years, and to top that off I got them so insanely cheap from that I am going to buy some lenses with the money I saved. They have lots of replacement lense to choose from, with some even helping find your ball. Plus you can buy a pack of lenses for the same price as a pair of glasses, it’s a no brainer to me.

 Nike Rabid Glasses

Adidas Belt

I like to show support for the up and comers as well, which is why just like Dustin Johnson I wear some Adidas on me when I golf. This year I found some really nice looking belts from that were so cheap I bought three! A good belt is great to have if you followed my earlier tip of getting shorts a couple sizes too big, this way they won’t be around your ankles until you make it back to the club house. I also like these specific belts because there is a space to store a pencil inside the clasp so you can make quick score updates.

 Golf Belt

Nike Shirt

As much as I love the Adidas belts, there is no way I would be seen not wearing a Nike shirt out there. I got mine straight from Nike, so I have the newest look that they offer. Sometimes I like to kick it a bit old school and wear an older red shirt to see how many people look twice, but not this year. I got the newest cooling shirts that keep you cool even when it is 35 degrees out. These are the coolest shirts I have ever worn(literally).

 Nike Golf Shirt


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Hey everyone, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. I assume that all of you golf fanatics ( and even the general sports nuts) are wondering where the hell Tiger Woods has been for the past couples years? He was to be making a comeback last year but after a disappointing outing it seemed to get cancelled. Well Jack Nicklaus is wondering the same thing.

Nicklaus and Tiger have a long track record together that started for Tiger when he was only an amateur. When his professional career began Woods set a pace to break Nicklaus’s record for most majors, but after having his knee operated on for the fourth time in 2008 his career took a downturn.

Tiger had a disappointing 2017 debut at Torrey Pines and didn’t manage to make the cut, then flew to Dubai and had to withdraw due to back spasms after hitting a 77. Since then, Woods has withdrawn from the Genesis Open and the recent Honda Classic. He also cancelled an interview at the recommendation of his agent, who said that doctors are advising the once great Tiger to limit all activities.

Nicklaus once believed that Tiger could surpass his record for 18 majors, and took it far enough to “paint a picture”during the 1999 Masters tournament of Tiger winning at least 10 green jackets. When he was asked about Tiger on Sunday at the Honda Classic  Nicklaus referred to Tiger as a “puzzle”. There seems to be a growing number young players with the ability to win major championships, and it seems they are learning how to win because Tiger has not been dominant since dealing with all of his injuries. Will we see the next young star soon who is able to unsup Tigers records?


tiger woods

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Hey everyone, welcome to my sports and fitness blog. I hope you are all ready to talk some golf news, as the WGC Mexican Championship ended earlier this month and the American sensation Dustin Johnson came away with the win, even though the course was not one that suited his particular set of skills very well.

With some ferocious young competition breathing down his neck, DJ managed a comeback victory after a dominating final four holes. This win is now the fourteenth of Johnson’s PGA career, and cements him clearly as the worldwide number 1 after his win at the Genesis Open 2 weeks ago.  The only golfer who has one more PGA championships is Tiger Woods, some good company to be in.

The only part of Johnson’s game that seemed to need a bit more polish is his short game, with 16 misses from inside 10 feet. He also finished outside of the top 20 for strokes gained putting, something he will need to polish up on before the Masters next month.

Jonson still made the game look easy, quickly cruising through the first 11 holes with 4 birdies between them. He stagnated a little at the 12th hole, and had consecutive bogeys for 12 and 13. Johnson still managed to keep his nerve, and came out with the win thanks to a routine two-putt hole.

This win adds another notch onto Johnson’s belt, which has been riddled with holes since last June when he captured the U.S. Open, his first major title. He has five tour wins with two WGC titles in 17 starts, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

dustin johnson championship trophy

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Hey everyone, my name is Ashton and this is my sports and fitness blog! We are a brand new blog so it might not look like much not, but soon we will have lots of top quality posts about different sports in England, Europe and the rest of the world. In the future I plan to have some sports news stories, reviews of products I like and of course some informative pieces about all the different kinds of sports there are in this world. If the readers seem interested, then I may also include some story pieces from when I was an athlete and the changes that I made in my life because of that.

I am former amateur golfer who created their own sports blog to keep up with the game after my body couldn’t. I graduated Callington community college in 2006, and competed in some amateur European championships before blowing out my shoulder thanks to a Rugby injury when I was young. Now I try and teach young kids how to properly golf and take care of their bodies so they can continue to do whatever sports they enjoy for as long as possible.